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iPad and iPhone Switch Interface

Tapio with Apple Lightning and USB-C Adapters
Tapio comes with one of the following Adapters - Lighting to USB, Lightning to USB with recharge port or USB type C to USB type A.

Tapio™ is a direct connect, lightning fast, dual switch interface that's suitable for everyday access, but can fly with the fastest gamer.

With Tapio and an adaptive switch, a single switch user can have complete access to an iPad or iPhone and even macOS computers using Apple's Switch Control. A single switch scanner really can move the highlight to an app on the home screen, launch it, and scan to controls within the app. All that's left is to plug an appropriate adaptive switch into Tapio, and attach it to an iOS Device using an USB adapter.

Switch Control provides single switch access to Apple's iOS touch interface.

The beauty of a robust direct connection is there are no worries with Bluetooth pairing, drop-outs, and sluggish connections. Forget about charging batteries, Tapio doesn't have any – it sips power directly from the iPad.

Tapio is a complete switch interface solution – elegant, simple, fast, efficient, and agile (iPad and iPhone, Android phone and tablet, macOS, Windows, Chromebook and Linux computers).

Tapio is a native USB switch interface that can be connected to an Apple iOS Device using a USB adapter. It accepts industry standard 3.5 mm stereo or mono plugs, and directly interfaces up to two adaptive switches to an Apple iOS Device or computer. In addition to Apple iOS Devices, Tapio is a perfect interface for Android, Windows, macOS and Linux computers, and many Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) devices.

Does your user lean too long on the adaptive switch?

This usually leads to auto-repeating the switch event. So instead of getting one button click you get several. Depending on your app this could be a minor inconvenience or a mess. Tapio may have a solution. We call it Pulse Timing and it’s found in Tapio-2 mode.Tapio Specifications

In Tapio’s Full Duration mode (factory default), when you actuate a switch Tapio tells the iPad that the switch is down. For example, using switch 1, the iPad sends a space to the app. If the switch is held down, after the auto-repeat delay the iPad sends more spaces in rapid succession to the app.

With Pulse Timing mode, when the adaptive switch is actuated Tapio sends button down and then immediately sends button up. Therefore, even if the user presses and holds the adaptive switch the iPad will only send one switch event to the app – no auto-repeat.

How to use Tapio with Switch Control

Switch Control Options

Tapio's integrated DIP Switch selects iOS Device specific modes, and mouse, joystick, or keyboard functions. Follow this link for an explanation of these modes and additional Tapio specifications.

  • Lightning Fast and Low latency
  • Very Low Power
  • Host powered – No Batteries to Charge or Replace
  • Reliable Direct Connection – No Bluetooth Pairing Issues, No Drop-outs, and No Sluggish Connections
  • Use an available Lightning or USB-C adapters to charge iPad/iPhone while using Tapio
  • Multi-Platform:
    • Apple iPad, iPad Pro and iPhone
    • Android Tablets and Smartphones
    • Chromebooks
    • macOS, Windows and Linux computers
    • Most Speech Generating Devices
  • Accepts One or Two Adaptive Switches (3.5-mm/0.125-inch)
  • With Long Press – Up to "Four Switch Functionality" in iOS
  • Apple Switch Control events (iOS7 and newer)
  • Switch Access for Android events (Android 5.0 and newer)
  • RJ Cooper Switch events
  • High Performance Scan Modes
  • One year limited warranty on Tapio, Apple adapters are warranted by Apple
  • Origin Instruments Quality, Reliability and Support

Tapio Solutions

Tapio and Lightning adapter

Buy Tapio and Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter.

Tapio and Lightning adapter with re-charge port

Buy Tapio and Apple Lightning Adapter with re-charge port.

Tapio and USB-C Adapter

Buy Tapio and USB-C Adapter.

Tapio and Orby Bundles

Need an attractive and durable switch? Teaming Orby with Tapio enables users to generate Apple Switch Control events, mouse clicks, joystick buttons or keyboard functions with simple taps on Orby.

The Tapio and Orby bundles are available with either an Apple Lightning adapter or a USB-C adapter.

Tapio, Lightning adapter and Orby

The Tapio and Orby Bundle comes with the following items:

  • Tapio
  • USB Adapter (Lightning or USB-C)
  • Orby Switch (available in various colors)

Buy Tapio and Orby Bundle for Lightning—Single Switch

Tapio, Lightning Adapter and Dual Orby Bundle

The Tapio and Dual Orby Bundle comes with the following items:

  • Tapio
  • USB Adapter (Lightning or USB-C)
  • Two Orby Switches (available in various colors)
  • Stereo-to-mono adapter

Buy Tapio and Orby Bundle for Lightning—Dual Switch

Optional Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

Two Switch Adapter

The Stereo-to-Mono Adapter is a useful accessory for Tapio, Swifty and HeadMouse.

The stereo-to-mono adapter or splitter allows two single switches with mono plugs to be connected to Tapio, Swifty or the HeadMouse. The adapter may also be used with third party switch adapted devices.

Not only do adapters look different they have different functionality, see "Not All Splitters are Alike" below.

Buy Stereo-to-Mono Adapter

Not All Splitters are Alike

There are two kinds of audio "splitters" one breaks up a stereo signal into a mono left and mono right channel – the kind used for a switch interface. The other kind of "splitter" is used to share one stereo signal with two sets of headphones each with a left and right channel. You cannot tell which type you have by looking, it must be tested.

Here is a simple test. Plug your splitter into an audio source (e.g. iPhone) plug your stereo headphones into one of the splitter jacks, if you only hear one of the stereo channels you have the correct splitter for a switch interface.

If you hear both left and right audio channels you have the wrong splitter.

This document has a more in-depth explanation.

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Tapio (Lightning)

Tapio (Lightning) Orby Bundle

Tapio (Lightning) and Dual Orby Bundle

Stereo-to-Mono Adapter Kit

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