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Software Downloads

For Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

For Windows Systems:

Softype and Dragger initially operate in trial mode, after 30-days an activation code must be entered.

The Dragger and SofType installer may require an internet connection to download additional operating system components from a Microsoft server.

Dragger   Mouse Button Utility   [Download]  Runs on Windows 10 graphic

SofType  On-screen Keyboard   [Download]  Runs on Windows 10 graphic

( – Dragger and SofType are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and newer. For older versions of Windows please contact Origin Instruments for additional options.)

For Macintosh Systems:

The Mac software products offered for download are full function, time-limited versions made available for evaluation, demonstration and as software upgrades. The software installs in "trial mode" and is time limited to 15 non-consecutive days (except Infovox iVox which supports a 30-day trial of each voice). An activation key is provided upon purchase to release the software from "trial mode" status.

KeyStrokes   On-screen Keyboard (Includes LayoutKitchen)

  • KeyStrokes 4.1.4 for Mac OS 10.7 and later   [Download]
  • KeyStrokes 4.1.1 for Mac OS 10.4 - 10.6   [Download]

( – If you are using macOS Sierra, be sure you have version 10.12.2 and newer. Previous versions of Sierra caused problems with KeyStrokes.)

Infovox iVox   High Quality Voices in 31 Languages

The Infovox iVox Voice Manager was introduced in version 3. Once installed, you can download a 30-day trial of any available voice from within the Infovox iVox Voice Manager. To permanently install a voice, purchase a voice credit and use it to unlock a downloaded voice from within the Infovox iVox Voice Manager.

  • Infovox iVox 4.2 Voice Manager for Mac OS X 10.6 or later   [Download]
  • Infovox iVox 3.1.1 for Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5 (Intel-based Macs only)   [Download]


  1. OS X 10.6 or later is required for German and Australian children's voices, Australian adult female, Gothenburg Swedish adult male and Scanian Swedish adult female voices.
  2. OS X 10.5 or later is required for languages that contain non-Roman characters such as Arabic, Czech, Greek, Polish, Russian and Turkish.
  3. Infovox iVox 3.0 and later releases are only available for Intel Macs. (Version 2, which also ran on PPC Macs, has been discontinued.)

Legacy Apps for Macintosh:

Assistiveware has designated SwitchXS, Proloquo and VisioVoice as Legacy Products

Legacy products are no longer under active development. This means there is no guarantee they will continue to work on future versions of OS X. Download and test the demo before purchasing the product to see if it works as you expect on your computer. These products are being offered as a courtesy to users who find they uniquely meet their needs. Sales will eventually be discontinued.

SwitchXS   Scanning On-screen Keyboard (Includes LayoutKitchen)

  • SwitchXS 2.5.4 for Mac OS 10.7 and later   [Download]
  • SwitchXS 2.5.1 for Mac OS 10.4 - 10.6   [Download]

Proloquo   Multilingual Communication Solution (Includes LayoutKitchen)

With the release of Infovox iVox 3, Proloquo comes bundled with 5 Infovox iVox voice credits. When you trial Proloquo it will use the Apple system voice unless you also download and install Infovox iVox. Once installed, you can select to download for 30-day trial any of the available voices from within the Infovox iVox Voice Manager.

  • Proloquo 2.0.5 for Mac OS 10.6 and later   [Download]
  • Proloquo 2.0.2 for Mac OS 10.4 and 10.5   [Download]

You can find Help documents with additional information included in the software download.

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