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Software Downloads

For Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X

For Windows Systems:

Softype and Dragger initially operate in trial mode, after 30-days an activation code must be entered.

The Dragger and SofType installer may require an internet connection to download additional operating system components from a Microsoft server.

Dragger   Mouse Button Utility   [Download]  Runs on Windows 10 graphic

SofType  On-screen Keyboard   [Download]  Runs on Windows 10 graphic

( – Dragger and SofType are compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and newer. For older versions of Windows please contact Origin Instruments for additional options.)

For Macintosh Systems:

Assistiveware Legacy Products

If you're looking for SwitchXS and VisioVoice, Assistiveware has discontinued these products. Apple has incorporated mostly equivalent products within the MacOS operating system. In the case of SwitchXS the feature is called Switch Control and for VisioVoice they are called VoiceOver and Zoom. Apple does not offer an equivalent to Proloquo, but the Mac has never proven to be a popular augmentative communication device.

Assistiveware believes that the capability added to the MacOS built-in keyboard in the next MacOS release will make KeyStrokes mostly redundant. Therefore, Assistiveware has announced that KeyStrokes will be retired after Apple releases MacOS 10.13; which is anticipated for Fall 2017.

Further, Apple has announced that, "macOS High Sierra (10.13) will be the last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise." ALL macOS applications that Origin Instruments has ever distributed for Assistiveware are 32-bit apps. macOS 10.14 is expected to be released in the Fall of 2018.

We will continue to offer support for Assistiveware products on compatible versions of macOS.

Follow this link for information about MacOS built-in Accessibility.

The KeyStrokes download is a full function, time-limited version made available for evaluation, demonstration and as a software upgrade. KeyStrokes installs in "trial mode" and is time limited to 15 non-consecutive days. An activation key is provided upon purchase to release the software from "trial mode" status.

KeyStrokes   On-screen Keyboard (Includes LayoutKitchen)

  • KeyStrokes 4.1.4 for Mac OS 10.7 and later   [Download]
  • KeyStrokes 4.1.1 for Mac OS 10.4 - 10.6   [Download]

( – If you are using macOS Sierra, be sure you have version 10.12.2 and newer. Previous versions of Sierra caused problems with KeyStrokes.)

You can find Help documents with additional information included in the software download.

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